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Carolina Guna, quality fabric, elegance with a fresh and harmonious touch with an exceptional fit in each piece for the designs that distinguish her collections.

In love with her profession, where she enjoys imagination and a technical virtuosity that stands out in every design.

She positions herself in the luxury international haute couture market.

She will be showing most of the creations during the glamorous Cannes Film Festival. They are unique pieces that pay attention to every perfect detail to use on the red carpet, made with expert workmanship.

She likes to dress woman who want to feel beautiful and unique at all times. Design Carolina Guna was founded in 2006, began in Europe in 2008 and opened its own haute couture workshop. In 2009 she created her line of pret-a-porter inspired by the essence of the island of Ibiza, with a fresh and innovative touch but faithful to the elegant style. In 2011 she starts showing her most exquisite creations in the Cannes Fashion Week and World Peace Night, organized by Richard Nilsson/Jackson Family Foundation on behalf of Mr. Mandela, Mr. Lennon and Michael Jackson. 
Carolina has become a legend in Cannes Fashion Festival. In 2013 she entered the world of private teaching for the master class of fashion design and industrial pattern, for her own system of measures, to teach people all over Europe. In 2017 she was nominated for the International Fashion Awards in San Francisco. Won 3 categories: Best Night Outfit, Best Fashion/Design Presentation and Best Public Fashion Option. In 2018 second nomination for the fashion awards in San francisco and honorary award for the best international designer by Craiova Fashion.

Today, the company is present in exclusive multi-brand stores in Ibiza, France and New York. From the workshop, she gets orders from customers around the world for high fashion designs designed for events such as weddings, cocktails, yachts and even safaris.Her creations are presented every year in the fashion circuit between Europe and the USA.

Now available online shop of the fashion firm.

© Carolina Guna
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