The Spanish designer Carolina Guna presented her new Haute Couture Collection “Bailamos” on the island of Ibiza. The collection is a tribute to her father inspired by what music makes him feel. A powerful collection that reminds all of us how important it is to dance and feel the music. Carolina was born in a nightclub that her father had on the ground floor of his house called Rianka, she says that each new album was danced at the foot of the track always together before opening doors.Happy of a childhood surrounded by music, she tells us how important those moments were for her. With this collection each dress is different, they have their own soul !!! Designs that mark different musical styles experienced in your disco. Music from great singers such as Michael Jackson, Madonna in pop music, James Brown’s soul, Pink Floyd’s rock, Paco de Lucía’s flamenco, giving a typical and latent twist in her fashion that she always uses to show in her collections with asymmetries or opposite double faces. The collection reflects music from great singers to great DJs in the purest disco style in genres of techno, house … so important in the sounds of Ibiza.